Cover story: Meet the Casino Ballroom's house photographer
by Jeanne McCartin
Spotlight - Portsmouth Herald, March 2009

This summer, Horton marks her 10th anniversary documenting entertainers that pass through the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. Over the past decade, between April and November, she's captured images of rockers, punkers, folk singers, jazz musician and pop performers, not to mention the occasional comedian. She's snapped shots of Little Richard, Cyndi Lauper, Laurie Anderson, Joe Cocker, Suzanne Vega and George Carlin. more

Capturing Sites of Interest: Nancy Grace Horton on her life as a freelance photographer by Jeanne McCartin
Spotlight - Portsmouth Herald, May 2007

To the eye of a 16-year-old, shy, budding photographer the intriguing image of two black women, smoking cigars, and carrying bougainvilleas in baskets on their heads was irresistible.

Nancy Grace Horton snapped the women with her trusty 110-instamatic camera, from the window of a bus. "And they chased after me!" says Horton. "They wanted money! My dad was laughing. ...; I gave them a dollar. It was scary, but it was so exciting."

Today Horton, who still has that photo, is more apt to run headlong into a situation to get a shot rather than panic and try to escape. more

Book Review: Portsmouth by Nancy Horton, 2007

To all those who have cried for years that there is no affordable color gift book about Portsmouth in print – take heart. Nancy Horton has filled that empty space at last. Square, small and sturdy, this hardcover photo book is the souvenir everyone can afford. We saw them stacked high at Barnes and Noble yesterday and, we assume, they will be restacking them again and again. more