Women's Photography Workshop

Gaining Comfort with Our Camera - Exploring Our Creativity

Saturday, November 6th, 10am - 6pm
Sunday, November 7th, 10am - Noon

As a photographer working with a digital camera, how do you use all of your camera’s digital features to take the best photograph you can? The art begins in your eye and your camera, before you even begin to think about your computer screen! Join us for a fun, creative and inspiring workshop, in which our goal is to help you make simply great photographs. Explore your creativity, learn new techniques and photograph in a small, supportive group setting. It’s a great time to gain confidence and enhance your creativity. learn more

Professional development @ MECA

How to Sell Your Photographs as a Professional

November 20, 2010

This workshop will explore the elements of professionalism in photography, including how to identify your market and find clients, prepare and present your portfolio, website and other professional materials, locate resources, make cost-effective use of current technologies, and keep up with the demands of your business. You will learn about the creation and selling of stock photographs, with an emphasis on finding markets in newspapers, magazines and trade journals, and greeting card publishers. Visit MECA website for more info.